We are the 48% — what passionate Remainers think and do

Percentage of participants in each age category (rounded)
  1. Absence of wars in Europe (30%)
  2. The ability to work, study, and retire in the EU (18%)
  3. Being part of the single market (12%)
  4. EU protections for workers and consumers (4%)
  5. Collaborations in the EU (e.g., scientific research) (5%)
  6. Security and protection of being in a large union (9%)
  7. EU environmental protections (4%)
  8. Dangers of lasting economic damage as a result of Brexit (10%)
  9. Guaranteeing the rights of EU non-UK citizens living in the UK now (2.4%)
  10. The UK government has no (coherent) plan for leaving the EU (7%)
Voting intention of 48% FB group members, how they voted in 2015, and the 2015 GE result
  1. Signed petitions for pro-remain or anti-racism causes, 93%
  2. Supported campaigns such as Stop Funding Hate, 72%
  3. Talked to friends/family who voted Leave in an attempt to change their thinking, 68%
  4. Supported good journalism (e.g., buying The New European), 58%
  5. Written to my MP, 57%
  6. Donated to crowdfunding campaigns (e.g., BrexitJustice), 43%
  7. Joined a local pr0-EU group, 42%
  8. Made complaints about racism/hate speech in the press, 41%
  9. Donated to pro-remain candidates in by-elections, 39%
  10. Visible wear/display pro-EU objects (e.g., tote bag with EU flag), 33%
I wanted to just put in one doughnut or pie chart, and this one seemed like a good occasion



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